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Carbon Medium Black Rails
Carbon Medium White Rails
Carbon Soft Black Rails
Carbon Soft White Rails
Composite Medium Black Rails
Composite Medium White Rails
Composite Soft Black Rails
Composite Soft White Rails
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Diver Australia and Naomi Gittoes have teamed up to make the worlds first Art free diving fins.

Providing cutting equipment for those who expect nothing less than the best in performance.

Diver Australia Started early in 2000 by Ray Powell a champion spear fisher the idea was simple. To make the best free diving fins the world had seen.

  • Original Naomi Gittoes designed Art blades Exclusive to diver Australia.
  • Australian made and owned
  • World class technology and materials.
  • Specs: 92cm-long blades,22cm wide fiberglass composite, or carbon fibre available.
  • Made by champion diver Ray Powell
  • Sold as a set of two fins (one for each foot!)
  • Sold without foot pockets. To assure you find your best fit pocket we recommend trying a range of brands to find witch ones fit you best.

The fins are available in composite fibre or carbon fibre,(in the photo is a carbon blade)

Advanced composite-fibre compound provides the free diver with unmatched performance, durability, and power. fin blades are made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency for years to come. Many divers prefer the durability and flexibility that composite-fiber fins offer. Diver composite fiberglass fins are performance fins are available exclusively to diver Australia with Naomi Gittoes artwork resined in to the blades, they are not a vinyl sticker.

Carbon fibre has some exclusive properties which make it highly suitable for use with free diving and spearfishing fins. It has an extremely high strength-to-volume ratio (which means it is extremely strong for its size) and a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

A free diving fin blade constructed of high quality carbon fibre is extremely light weight, very hard yet, in combination with the right resins, very flexible.

Thanks to the unique properties of carbon fibre, carbon free diving fin blades can be bent relatively effortlessly while diving underwater. After the blade is bent, the carbon fibre material “wants” to go back to its original form – that is to be straight again, and it does so extremely rapidly.

From the free divers perspective, this would feel like kicking your fins takes very little effort, however the resulting underwater propulsion is very significant. This effect means that Free diving carbon fins have very high efficiency in propelling the Free diver underwater – they transform a very small amount of energy exerted to bend the fin blades into a large amount of kinetic energy (actual movement underwater).

Please note, there may be some changes in the branding methods that diver Australia use, there is a variable of gold or transparent branding, and depending what’s in stock depends on what’s sent to you.

Please choose carefully between carbon or composite and your design preference, Naomi dose not take returns on fins unless there is a issue from the factory, please read the Returns policy if you need to make a return inquiry.

For any more questions regarding Diver/Naomi Gittoes fins you can contact us at with your enquiry.

We know you will love these fins! They look even better in the water!

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Carbon Medium Black Rails, Carbon Medium White Rails, Carbon Soft Black Rails, Carbon Soft White Rails, Composite Medium Black Rails, Composite Medium White Rails, Composite Soft Black Rails, Composite Soft White Rails