Naomi Gittoes is an Artist, a Designer, yoga and meditation teacher, a Free-diving instructor, full Cave Diver, Dive master, Underwater Art Director and innovative underwater Performance-Artist.

Naomi is a VISIONARY – on a mission to inspire !

“ As a free diver I can get closest to the essence of the most unexplored part of our natural world, and closest to the inner world of my imagination”

Naomi has exhibited paintings and performances for audiences world wide, she has been an Artist in Residence and Live Event Artist, and given Workshops combining Yoga, Free Diving, Meditation and Art. She enjoys collaborating creatively with others who work for sustainable conservation of the world’s oceans.

Within Naomi Gittoes’ original artworks and unique designs are themes of nature, humanity, environmental concerns, universal unity, and spiritual transcendence.

recently, Naomi launched her ‘Naomi Gittoes’ label producing Art inspired Eco Dive Fashion, Hand painted custom Free Dive Fins and more. Her ‘Art Fins’ (made with DiveR Australia) are limited editions and one off commissions, collected by Free Divers around the world. “I’ve always liked the way art can be wearable !”

The ‘Naomi Gittoes’ label actively supports sustainable fashion and respect and love for our Oceans.

“ I have always felt a need to be in the ocean, and now I use it as a place to create my art.”

Growing up in Australia: the Royal National Park and the Pacific Ocean surrounded my home village, Bundeena. “I could see from our balcony a polarity between horizons: in one direction the far off lights and smog of Sydney’s CBD, the other more appealing direction, the vast bushland and the vanishing blue of the Pacific Ocean. This was a visual daily reminder of the capacity of humanity to disturb natures’ balance. This visual has repeated itself over and over throughout my life, on different continents and in variable contexts.

“I feel I have a special insight having spent thousands of hours under the water diving all over the world, seeing the beauty and the deterioration of many of our incredible undersea scapes, this first-hand experience has made me rise as an ocean conservation advocate.”

The responsibility of the message has always been clear to me. Since the beginning I have supported important conservation movements who are working for a more sustainable world, particularly highlighting the stresses of the world’s water sources and their eco systems”.

“I believe that art holds a place in connecting people with nature”.

“I hope to inspire through my passion for the ocean and its’ marine life, to ignite something in the viewer that inspires them to treat the ocean with awe and fall in love with the beautiful creatures I work with”.