Art Gallery

Working on a highly intuitive level, in tune with the energies around her, Naomi creates drawings and paintings, prints and designs, which are unique inventions of her visual imagination and free flowing mind. She explores without inhibition, the spiritual and physical realms of existence.

“Rainbow colours in my mind, the nature of existence, embracing, repelling and coordinating energies.

Experiencing oneself as a integral part of the universe, alternate dimensions within life's realties, Artistic meditations. The unmeasurable potency of intuition, my guide.

ART finds me in this world !

Just a vessel, an organism, within a greater one,

My eyes see clearly.

Conversations of creation, observations open for interpretation…… my hands romance creation.”

Naomi has boundless enthusiasm for creating - she paints murals around the world as a way to interact with the public and public spaces, she gives her designs to support important conservation movements and activist groups and is motivated to endorse a sustainable world view. She regularly collaborates with other artists around the world and has a wide international following.

She also is open for commissions and welcomes your enquiry if you would like commissioned work. some originals are available and prints can be made, please fill out the below form to make an inquiry about an artwork.